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Why you should choose Rule 29 for all your Business Accounting and Mentoring needs.

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Sometimes people just don’t know how or what they need to be doing to get where they want to be. It may be a lack of knowledge of marketing (to get more leads and more clients), it may be a lack of knowledge on systems or processes (to make their business work better) or it may be a lack of or fear of understanding the numbers in their business.


As a business owner, the good news is that you’re your own boss. This means that if you don’t want to do it, you don’t have to. You don’t feel like making that follow up call then don’t. Of course, the bad news is that you’re your own boss. You don’t have anyone to hold you accountable for your actions or inactions.


“If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will get you there”. – Lewis Carroll. The lack of direction is a real business killer.  Many businesses and business owners fail to set goals and more importantly have the necessary plans in place to achieve them. You’ve really got to know where you want to be and how to get there.

Rule 29 specialises in providing you with all 3 of these.

Years in the Business

Our experts have been in business for over 35 years, providing help and support to businesses across the north of England.

Happy Clients

We’ve literally helped hundreds of businesses across the north of England with their business growth and Accountancy needs over the years.

Experts at Rule29

We’re small but growing fast.

Our Story

Rule 29 was born out of frustration.  Over the years our business mentor has worked with 100’s of businesses and has yet to see one that really has an accountant that works for them. This is not to say that they don’t keep them compliant, most of them do (not all in our experience). However, the number of accountants that land nasty surprises on their clients, like unexpectedly large tax bills, is unfortunately commonplace.

The first question our mentor asks when talking to a potential client the first time is “How much profit did you make last month?” Very few business owners can answer this very basic question. This is because they rely on their accountant to produce the numbers, but the accountant fails to deliver. It’s not just this lack of financial information that’s a problem, it’s the lack of proper business advice. Most accountants have never actually run a business other than an accountancy practice, our principal business advisors have run several different types of businesses on different continents. This gives them a broad spectrum of experience that they can bring to the table when meeting with you.

In order to build a successful business, you need to focus on the numbers that matter in your business.  These numbers are not always the traditional numbers that you get from your traditional accountant but the drivers of your business. Numbers like transactional value, customer lifetime value, cost per lead and the cost to get a customer. Knowing these numbers can really give your business a competitive edge. 

At Rule 29 we provide all our clients with a business success dashboard that encompasses these numbers and the more traditional numbers such as Net profit, Corporation tax, VAT due, etc. We provide you with the Knowledge you need to build your business, we provide you with the numbers you need to be Accountable for the success of your business and we provide you with the tools necessary to ensure your business is going in the right Direction.

Who We Are

John R Olivant MBA MCMI
Business Author, Mentor, and Coach.

John is an accomplished business consultant who enjoys working in a dynamic environment. He consistently achieves successful solutions delivery through adept stakeholder management in challenging conditions. John has extensive experience in setting up businesses and making them successful through the setting of objectives and then developing the necessary strategies to achieve them. He has expert knowledge in international business relations and trade including regulatory frameworks, project management, finance, and marketing. He has mentored hundreds of businesses across the north of England steering them to the success they seek.

Delwar Hossain ACMA CGMA MBA
Chartered Management Accountant.

Del is a Chartered Management Accountant who started his career in multi-national companies such as British American Tobacco, British Gas, and Reckitt Benckiser and worked in various roles in the area of finance starting from production accounting to Treasury functions. After a long 15 years in industry, Del decided to follow his passion and support small businesses through his own accounting practice which has been running for over ten years. Del is now ready to take this service to the next level. He is a strong believer that accountants should not work only on compliance or past history rather to be proactive and direct the business owners with forward-thinking support.

“The support I have received from you has been invaluable and without you, I would still be muddling through I can’t thank you enough and look forward to working more with you in the future.”

Jackie (Hull)

Managing Director

“I took up a business development programme with John over a month ago.  I find John’s programme ticks all my boxes to growing my business!  John’s understanding of what people in business need and his delivery of the programme is ‘spot on’! I have developed a healthier business-focused attitude to ‘GET STUFF DONE’ and this is surely the right direction for me!  I would recommend John Olivant to anyone in business.”

Kevin G

Business Owner

“The important part of improving your business is not about all the ideas you have or anything you’re GOING to do.  Success only comes with DOING.  John makes sure that you do what you said you’d do and I believe the stress on accountability in everything that John does, really does make the difference and ensures that your business will be successful”.

Karen B (Hull)

Managing Director

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Our Clients Are Like Family

The role of a trusted advisor be it your Accountant or Business Mentor is to protect your interests. All our clients know that we’re on their side and that they can rely on us to provide them with the necessary advice and support to enable them to grow a better business.

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