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“Does Your Accountant Give Your Business a Competitive Advantage?”

Rule 29 Provides Next Level Business Accounting and Mentoring To Business Owners & Entrepreneurs. Your one-stop-shop for Business Accounting, Planning, and Business Mentoring Services

When it comes to building a better business you need to be on top of your game… This means that you need business support services that are geared to supporting you & your business growth.

The First Step is to take our FREE Business Profits Review. Our experts review the 5 strategic areas of your business that have the greatest impact on profit.

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How we help you!

To gain a competitive advantage you need an Accountant that understands how to get you and your business to the next level.

Ok, so you’ve got so far, either you’ve done it completely on your own or you’ve had a little help. But to really move to the next level you need to start thinking and doing next-level actions. This is why Rule 29 is more than just a business accountancy service.  We have our own in-house business mentors and coaches as well as experts in management accounting, tax, and all things necessary to keep you compliant with HMRC. To find out how we can support you on your business growth journey click one of the boxes.

Business Accounting Services

“We make ‘knowing your numbers’ simple. Rule29 provides full Accounting solutions for limited companies and sole traders. Everything from Corporate Tax and VAT Tax Returns, Bookkeeping & Accountancy, and Pay Roll. 

Business Planning

“Most people don’t plan to fail, they fail to plan”.  At Rule29 we provide a full business planning service. Everything from business funding to investor readiness planning. All designed to ensure your success.

Business Mentoring Service.

‘Mentoring is a brain to pick, an ear to listen, and a push in the right direction.”  Our Business Mentoring service is all about supporting businesses and business owners to achieve what they set out to do in the first place. Build a better business!

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How Switching Accountants to Rule29 can help your business to become more competitive.


Business Diagnostics

Get a quick snapshot of where your business is at the moment using our unique business diagnostics tool. It takes just a few minutes and you’ll get a customised 7-page report for you to do with as you wish. Our business diagnostics covers everything from sales & marketing to business finance systems, to business resilience. If you act on the information in this report it will accelerate your business success.

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Don’t Let the Complexities of Your Financials Burden You Any Longer!

If you are running a business, you need time to focus on what you do best.  We believe that your accountant is there to support your business and enable it to deliver the results you’re looking for. Using the latest cloud accounting software combined with many years of experience, we can support your business.  You’ll benefit from your own bespoke Business Success Dashboard which we provide all our clients. This allows you to see the information you need in an easily digestible way (stripping away all the accountants speak).

About Us

At Rule 29, No Client is Too Big or Small

All our clients get the same five-star treatment.  It doesn’t matter if you’re a brand new business or have been going for decades. You still need to know the numbers that matter in your business in order to be successful. This is why all our clients get their very own bespoke ‘Business Success Dashboard’.

“The support I have received from you has been invaluable and without you, I would still be muddling through I can’t thank you enough and look forward to working more with you in the future.”

Jackie (Hull)

Managing Director

“I took up a business development programme with John over a month ago.  I find John’s programme ticks all my boxes to growing my business!  John’s understanding of what people in business need and his delivery of the programme is ‘spot on’! I have developed a healthier business-focused attitude to ‘GET STUFF DONE’ and this is surely the right direction for me!  I would recommend John Olivant to anyone in business.”

Kevin G

Business Owner

“The important part of improving your business is not about all the ideas you have or anything you’re GOING to do.  Success only comes with DOING.  John makes sure that you do what you said you’d do and I believe the stress on accountability in everything that John does, really does make the difference and ensures that your business will be successful”.

Karen B (Hull)

Managing Director

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Our Clients Are Like Family

The role of a trusted advisor be it your Accountant or Business Mentor is to protect your interests. All our clients know that we’re on their side and that they can rely on us to provide them with the necessary advice and support to enable them to grow a better business.


Frequently Asked Questions

What makes your Accountancy service different?

Not all Accountants are the same. At Rule 29 all our clients get their own bespoke business success dashboard.  This allows you to monitor the success criteria we agree on when we set your account up.  You’ll be bang up to date with how much profit you’re making and how much tax you have to pay.  No more struggling with Accountancy systems that only accountants understand. The best part is that if you use our bookkeeping service all of this is automatically done for you.

Are we right for you?

Achieving the best for you is our priority. We recognise that you want to be certain that the best people are looking after your business. When working with us, we provide top-quality business mentoring and accounting services to enable you to build a better business.  We look to build close, personal, long-term relationships with our clients to become a trusted contact you can always rely on for advice and solutions. With our professional expertise, we’ll work with you to make it happen.

However, not all businesses are looking to build a better business, some are just happy to plod along and are happy with their lot. If this is you, you may be better using one of the many traditional accountancy businesses.


Can I use all of your services?

We recommend that our clients use both our mentoring and accountancy services. This ensures that you get the best possible resources to build a better business.

What does a business mentor do for you and your business?

If you’re serious about developing a business that works for you then the single biggest thing you can do is; get help in building a better business. To run a successful business you need 3 things:-

  1. A motivated and switched-on business owner.
  2.  A way of systemizing your business.
  3. Somebody to hold you accountable for your success.

The right business mentor and coach will help you with all three….

How much does it cost to have a business mentor?

A business mentor should not cost you money, they should make you money.  Yes, there will be an initial investment to get you going, but the right mentor will quickly start to make you money.

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