Business Fundamentals.

8 Online VIDEO session: Every week you will receive an E-Class Video on a chosen business topic. Everything you’ll need to build a successful business, from how to set your prices to ‘how to create the right attitude for success’. Success comes from knowing the right things to be doing. Worth £400.

Eight Intensive Online Training Sessions (£400 value)

Session 1: The 11 fundamental mistakes that most businesses are making.…. After this session, you will know each of these and know how to overcome them.

Session 2: Marketing 101. In this session, we explore the fundamentals of marketing that even professionals don’t know. After this session, you’ll know how to position your business as the number one in your market.

Session 3:  How to set your prices for maximum advantage. In this session, we’ll show you how to control your prices and start to accelerate your profits. 

Session 4: How to get more stuff done. In this session, we look at how to stop procrastinating and get more stuff done! High productivity is a vital skill for all Entrepreneurs.

Session 5: Sales 101.  Even if you’re planning on hiring sales staff you’ll need to watch this session. You’ll learn vital sales skills to set you on the path to success.

Session 6: How to create the right attitude for a lifetime of success. Then we’ll show you how to set and achieve goals using our SIMPLE goal achievement system. We’ll give you some great tools and tips that will help you not only in your business but in life in general.

Session 7: The Numbers that Really Matter in your business. To run a successful business you need to know your numbers inside out. In this session, we’ll show you the numbers that really matter and how to use them to grow your business. 

Session 8: How to Make Your Business 5 Times More Valuable. We’ll look at the fundamentals of building a successful business, and how to make a business both scalable and sellable.

Each session will last 30-40 minutes and will be delivered via video so you can watch at your own pace and replay if you want to get even more. You can not jump ahead as access will be granted on a week-by-week basis. However, after you’ve received that week’s video you will have continuing access to this video for the remainder of the course. This means that once you’ve watched all 8 sessions you will be able to watch all of them any time you wish, for the next 12 months.

Each Training Session also comes complete with its own workbook for you to download and use so that you can write down your ideas there and then (and they’ll be plenty of those).

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