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Our Business Profits Review would normally be £199. However, for a limited period, this world-class service is FREE to you.

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Our unique Business Profits Review highlights your customized’ growth opportunities’ and shows you exactly what to improve…

This is the Ultimate Business Profits Review Report…You’ll find out how your business is performing in the 5 areas which are key to building a HIGH-VALUE SELF-MANAGING BUSINESS.  This is not a ‘High Pressure’ sales presentation.  You’ll get your customized report to do with as you wish. If you want to work with us then great, but for us, the important thing is the value you’ll get from this Business Profits Review.

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Our Business Profits Review Uses Our Proven Business-Building Systems To Fix Your Business, Pinpoint All The Gaps & Provide A Step-By-Step Solution To Building A High-Value Self Managing Business.

There’s an old saying that states:- “If you’re not going forwards you’re going backwards” and whilst you could decide to dismiss this as just old fluff. Think about this:- Did you know, that to just standstill in your business you still need to grow your revenues by at least 5% (and perhaps more depending on your industry) a year. You might not agree with this initially but when you start taking everything into account you’ll come round to this.

  • You’re going to have to increase the pay of your staff (if you want to keep them that is) by the rate of inflation, let’s say 2-3%. However, if you increase their pay, you’re going to incur higher employment costs such as employment taxes and pension costs which are linked to their salaries.
  • Your utility costs will increase (they do every year).
  • Your rent may go up.
  • Your material costs will increase.
  • Other suppliers will increase their prices.

All of this means that before you, the business owner, can take anymore you’ve got to increase your business revenue by this baseline amount.

Ok, so how do you do this on a consistent basis:-

The first step is to understand exactly what areas of your business you need to concentrate on, for example:-

  1. Are you building a self-managing business?

The foundations upon which your business is built are key to your ongoing success. If you get the foundations right then everything else becomes a lot easier. The foundations are all about building a business that can run without your input on a 24/7 basis (A self-managing business).

  1. Is your lead generation strategy working?

Leads (or prospects) are the fuel of any business—the first point in the sales process that eventually lead to sales. A business with an effective lead-generation process will increase its probability of success. There are always more effective ways to get a higher quality and quantity of leads.

  1. Are you converting at the rate you should?

The compounding effect is a wonderful thing. If you get more leads (which using the right strategies you should) then compounding the effect of the increase in leads on your business by converting more of them is massive and does lead to dramatic growth.

  1. Is your transaction rate right?

There are only 3 ways to grow a business, get more customers, get them to spend more, and finally get them to come back more often. Your transaction rate is all about getting them to come back more often.

  1. Are your profits growing?

It’s no good generating more leads, converting more, and getting more transactions if your every transaction is not fundamentally profitable. Here we look at the fundamental financial strategy of your business including prices and profits.

These are just some of the areas we’ll examine together to produce your Business Profits Review.

What You’ll Get…

You’ll get a Customised Business Profits Review (normally 17 pages long) covering the 5 areas of your business that are key to building a ‘high-value self-managing business’.  Using this unique report you’ll be able to accelerate your progress towards building a High-Value Self Managing Business.

Each section will give you a score highlighting your progress towards building a better business. Even if you’re happy with your current profitability there will be something for you in this report that will enable you to build a better business.

We can only perform two Customised Business Profits Reviews each week and these are allocated on a first-come-first-served basis. So don’t hang around book an appointment TODAY (It’s Free for the next few weeks only).



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​STEP #3. This is normally carried out online via Zoom (similar to Skype) for your convenience and ours, which means you’ll need to be on a laptop or desktop computer with a microphone and speaker at the scheduled time.

STEP #4. We’ll then go through the Business Profits Review together. There are a series of simple questions that I’ll take you through.

STEP #5. Once the questions have been completed, our system analyses all the data and uses its special algorithm to create your results.

STEP #6. Our software then produces the step-by-step ROADMAP to show you exactly what you need to fix your Business and then what to implement first, second, and third to quickly grow your business!

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